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New Opportunities

Welcome to my first blog post and thanks for visiting my site! One June 1st, I left my job at the City of Ottawa where I was working as a Forester for 7 years. I became self-employed and started a new contract with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest where I work two days/week as General Manager. With my remaining time, I am launching this new consulting business.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my company name, there is an important story behind it. Prior to my time at the City, I worked at Dendron Resource Surveys Ltd, a consulting company in Ottawa, that was started by my father, Udo Nielsen and two colleagues, and later owned by him. It was a very well respected company specializing in forest inventory and geomatics. It was in business from 1978 to 2013 - that's 35 years! The company employed many people in the forestry business throughout its years, and completed many fascinating projects.

Stay tuned for more as the new Dendron develops.....


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