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Urban forestry is a field that has been growing rapidly as more and more urban dwellers are recognizing the true value that trees have in our environment. Recognizing this important role that trees have in our communities, Dendron can provide advice on tree care and protection, particularly during construction activities. We can provide tree appraisals as well as risk assessments. Staff hold certificates for both Tree Appraisal Qualification and Tree Dynamics and Risk Assessment.


We also have an excellent understanding of tree cutting by-laws and City of Ottawa policies around tree protection during infill development. We would be happy to provide advice to clients on how to manage issues around tree protection and development.


In order to maintain a healthy urban forests, municipalities benefit from a  life-cycle approach to managing their forest resource. Since trees are considered part of the green infrastructure, they should be managed just like any other city asset. For this to happen, a proper inventory is required as well as a preventative maintenance plan that helps to keep the trees healthy and safe. Dendron can assist municipalities with this approach to management that can provide a significant savings as they shift from a reactive to proactive approach to managing their asset.

Urban Forestry Consulting

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