City of Ottawa Tree Reports

Starting in May 2016, the City of Ottawa implemented new rules that now require applicants for building permits within the greenbelt area of Ottawa include Tree Disclosure Information as part of their application.

We can help residents and developers navigate these new rules and we are fully qualified to produce the required tree reports.



Urban Forestry Consulting
Pest and Disease Management
Forest Management and Certification
Tree Cutting By-laws and Expert Witness
Invasive Species Management
Forest Inventory


Most people are supportive of the concept of good forest management, particularly in an urban setting where there are so many threats to trees such as development, invasive plants and insects, air pollution and climate change. However, the reality is that this concept can often be challenging to incorporate and our impacts to trees are not always well understood until it is too late. 


At Dendron, we are passionate about practicing responsible and sustainable forest management and have an appreciation for the importance that trees have in our communities. We can provide you with services that not only help you implement good forestry practices, but also help you communicate them out to the public or other target audiences. Sometimes small measures taken during a particular project can go a long way in both long term tree survival and community collaboration.




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