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Dendron was founded in 2016 and is now a leading forestry consulting firm in Eastern Ontario.

Fueled by a belief in the vital importance of trees to life inside and outside cities, we are passionate about practicing responsible, sustainable forest management. 

As professional foresters we specialize in life-cycle forest management: whether it’s balancing the preservation and replanting of trees on a single construction site, identifying strategies for a provincial park in the wake of exotic species invasion, or helping a municipality review and update its bylaws, Dendron maintains a holistic focus on the best outcomes for the long-term benefit of society.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and strong client relations: we take the time to understand your needs and what is required for a successful project. As members of GOHBA, Dendron is uniquely positioned to work with Ottawa’s development community to find solutions to the challenges between increasing density and preserving the urban forest.

Whether a simple tree risk assessment, a large-scale construction project or forest management plan, Dendron staff have the expertise to ensure the timely delivery of a high quality product guaranteed to meet your requirements.



Photo of Astrid Nielsen

Astrid Nielsen is a registered professional forester licensed in Ontario with over 25 years of experience working in traditional and urban forestry. Although an Ottawa native, she began her career in British Columbia and has been back home since 1998. She has an in-depth knowledge of tree by-laws and planning policies around tree protection and has consulted on many projects in this area and across Ontario.

Astrid is a past president of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association, was the General Manager of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest for 5 years (2016-2021), and also worked at the City of Ottawa in various forestry positions. She has extensive experience ranging from invasive species outbreaks, forest inventory, carbon offsets and forest certification. 

A strong belief in the importance of education has led Astrid to present at multiple conferences across Canada, and to teach at the University of Toronto where she has been a Sessional Lecturer since 2017. Astrid has operated Dendron Forestry Services since 2016. 

Photo of Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers joined Dendron in February 2023 after graduating from the University of Toronto's Master of Forest Conservation program in December 2022. During the MFC, he completed projects in urban and peri-urban forestry, such as setting woodland management objectives for a large city and  helping to write a management plan for the public trees in a small town. He wrote his thesis on the challenges to increasing canopy in small municipalities.

Kevin believes in the value of tailoring forest management to the capabilities and objectives of the client; the most success will always come from building consensus and partnerships. He has spent years working as a gardener and believes strongly that the right trees planted in the right place, with proper stewardship, will thrive and create a more liveable city.

Kevin is an ISA Certified Arborist and a Registered Professional Forester in Training.



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